Martin Luther School Fuzhou Campus

Martin Luther School, Fuzhou Campus
Martin Luther School (MLS) was founded in 1960 that serves the greater NYC area. In 2018, MLS cooperated with Fuzhou Sunshine International School (FSIS), and established MLS Fuzhou Campus and the High School Bilingual Program (HSBP). HSBP is a four-year high school program (Grades 9-12) upon approval by the Bureau of Education of Fujian Province.
HSBP’s main objective is to carry on students’ holistic development and best support the students for advancing their studies in colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Australia. In addition, FSIS has been granted the authority to offer AP courses by the College Board. Approximately all the HSBP students in Grade 12 will take two AP courses out of the four offered by the school. Annually, small scale of outstanding students from grade 11 and the majority of students from grade 12 attend AP exams in May.

Educational System and School Mission

Fuzhou Sunshine International School, MLS Fuzhou Campus, provides a Chinese international education and boarding system ranging from foundation to advanced year , in line with the cultivation goals stipulated by K12 education system. There are three main educational levels: primary school, middle school, and high school education.

The curriculum is bilingual in the primary years with more intensive instruction in English through middle and high schools. The school mission is to develop new model schools which combine education advantages of China and the US, and cultivate new-generation elites who are "healthy physically and psychologically, confident, open- minded and willing to discover".

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a high school diploma from Martin Luther School, a student must:

Complete 24.5 credits.

Complete 32 hours of Community Service (minimum of 8 hours per year)

Students are permitted to take a maximum of eight credits per year. Once students complete the required courses within a subject, they are encouraged to take more chal